Dr. Csaba Krasznay , PhD


    krasznay.csaba@uni.nke-hu | MtMt | Facebook | Linkedin

    Cyber-warfare and cybersecurity of governmental IT systems    





   Dr. Gábor Nyáry, PhD


   Geopolitics in the cyber-space, digital diplomacy and cyber-governing



   Dr. Péter Bányász, PhD

   Researcher, lecturer | MtMt 

   Military science and information based operations




   Dr. Kitti Mezei, PhD

   Researcher, lecturer | MtMt 

   Criminal law and cybercrime




   Judit Szakos

   Researcher, doctoral student | MtMt 

   Cyber- and governance




   Mátyás Ináncsi

   Researcher, doctoral student 

   Social media and cyber-warfare